Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a print in a size or material other than what is listed?

Yes, prints can be custom ordered in a variety of sizes on many different types of materials.

Prints are made on high-quality fine art paper with a glossy finish. However, special orders can also be made for other materials, including heavy duty cardstock, textured linen, or poster paper with an uncoated finish. 

Prints can also be ordered in custom sizes, but must be in the same dimensions as the original piece. (For example, the original piece "Hanging Out" measures 24" x 36", so custom print sizes can be ordered as long as the dimensions follow a 2:3 ratio. Prints could be custom ordered that are 20" x 30" for this piece, but not 16" x 16".) Generally, prints cannot be ordered in sizes that are larger than the original piece because this could affect the product quality.

If you are interested in ordering a print in a different material or in a size not listed, please submit your request in the "Contact Info" part of this website.

Do you take commissions? 

I don't take all commissions offers, but if I am always willing to have a discussion with a customer about the potential for a commissioned piece. The reason for not accepting every request for a commissioned piece is that I want to make sure that my style of art will be suitable for what you have in mind. To find out more, please submit your inquiry in the "Contact Info" section of this website. 

Can you make me a commissioned piece with oil rather than acrylic paint?

I currently do not use oil paints due to the fumes from chemical solvents, and ventilation that is required in order to use them safely. There are ways to use oil paints in a very safe manner, however my current lifestyle requires that I stick to mediums which are non-toxic and water soluble for now. Therefore, I am unable to make commissioned pieces using other mediums, including oil. 

Can I hire you for my wedding/event?

Currently, no, I do not paint at live events. However, if you love my style of work, feel free to contact me to inquire about a possible commissioned piece.

What does it mean if an original piece says "unavailable" next to its name?

If an original acrylic or watercolor piece is listed on my website with "unavailable" in front of its name, that usually means it has already been purchased and cannot be sold to anyone else. I leave these listings on my website so that future customers can see a larger portfolio of my style of work, and prints of the original are sometimes available for purchase. Prints and other merchandise that are displayed as unavailable may be restocked in the future. Feel free to submit an inquiry if you have questions about a specific print or piece of merchandise.  

Does my original art purchase come with a certificate of authenticity? 

When you purchase a piece of original art from me, I include a signed certificate of authenticity as well as care instructions with your new artwork. 

Does my original art purchase come framed?

No, original art purchases do not include a frame, including watercolor pieces.

Can I come see your work in person? 

As of right now the only place to view my work is online. I do not have a physical gallery or store to view my work or products currently, however this may change in the future. If you are interested in curating a specific original piece and would like to view the piece in person, feel free to submit your inquiry in the "Contact Info" section of this website. I generally do not accept these requests due to safety concerns.

Can I purchase stickers or merchandise with a customized message written on it?

I order most stickers and merchandise in bulk, so generally I am not able to make one single sticker or item with a custom message on it. However, I love hearing new ideas as well as getting constructive criticism for any of my products, so please feel free to send me a message telling me what you think!

Do you have any advice or tips for beginning artists?

I have lots of tips and advice for beginning artists and I love to share them! You can check out my social media channels on Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube (@ksteinbachart) for inspiration and more info about my painting process. Also, always feel free to ask questions by contacting me here on my website, commenting on a post or video, or via direct message on social media. I love sharing my passion with others and would love to share any wisdom I have gained over the years!

Do you offer private painting lessons?

At this time I do not offer any type of painting lessons, however if you head to my Youtube or TikTok channels (@ksteinbachart) you will see that I have uploaded several watercolor painting tutorials for beginning artists. I love to answer questions about my painting process as well as share tips and advice so please feel free to contact me here, comment on a video that you have a question about, or send me a private message over social media.

What brand of paint/materials do you use?

I use several types of paint for my original pieces, many of which can be found at your local craft store. For my acrylic pieces I generally prefer either Liquitex (very budget friendly and is often on sale!) Golden, or Winsor & Newton. For watercolor pieces, I prefer Winsor & Newton, however I always recommend the Prang 8-pan set for beginners as it is very budget friendly and has decent quality paints. For watercolor paper, I generally use Strathmore (cold-pressed). I am not paid by any of these brands to endorse them. However, outside of all of these materials, I do love to experiment with new brands! If you have a question about a specific tool or material, feel free to send me a message!